JNG Accounting Service helps businesses like yours to achieve long-term success

Profitability, financial security, better risk and financial controls

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JNG is a holistic business services company offering financial advice and management to Malaysia businesses great and small.

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Outsources Accounting/ Bookkeeping

Typically more cost-effective and flexible than hiring in-house team, outsourced accounting has many advantages for fast growing, investor-funded and multinational businesses in Malaysia.

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Tax returns, activity statements and LHDN compliance matters. We can streamline your tax management, help you take advantage of tax concessions, carry out tax audits and more.

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Your privacy and safety always is our priority

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Adapting to the New Normal in Malaysia

We have resumed work in the new normal mode. Tax return filing and payment deadlines extended by two months. Penalty will not be imposed on late payment during that period. In RMCO, we try minimal our movement, any question about LHDN, please WhatsApp us.

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